Welcome to TH Affiliates, where honest marketing is at the core of what we do!  TH Affiliates is a marketing venture that seeks to engage users with relevant and honest content that interests them.  We seek to deliver the content through various media channels including websites, targeted emails, and other social media platforms.  By providing honest and interesting content to our users, we seek develop long term relationships with our users.


What started off as an idea for a single site, has grown into a dream of creating honest and interesting content to multiple niches and demographics.  Our first site, boundlessmale.com, just recently celebrated its one year anniversary.  With its targeted demographic, of males, it provides content in various categories that can be of interest to men.  Boundlessmale.com has continued to grow slowly and organically, and is continuing it develop relationships with multiple partner companies to provide visitors with exciting and new content, and also provide resources for the users that deliver value.

Our second website hiddenmillionairesclub.com is continuing its organic growth, as well.  Hiddenmillionairesclub.com is a site that targets the money making niche, and seeks to provide insight into helping people achieve financial freedom.  It has been developed to explore various facets of financial and creating and generating wealth.  Hiddenmillionairesclub.com targets a broad demographic, that can be at various levels of financial aptitude.  It seeks to help out all individuals in achieving their financial goals.

Our third website currently under development is hersecrethideaway.com.  The targeted demographic for hersecrethideawy is the female demographic.  The vision is to provide women interesting and honest content in various categories similar to its sibling site boundlessmale. 

We have also registered several new domains over the past couple months with the vision of creating content specific to more defined niches.  To list just a few we have registered the following: survivalnprepping.com, wineatfive.net, daytradereviews.com, and precisionstockpicks.com.  These are just a sample of the exciting domain names we have registered.  We further understand that several of our domain names are high value sought after domains that depending on the offer, we might enter into agreements to sell.

We are growing our email lists to soon begin offering targeted content delivery directly to our users preferred email.  This provides a great opportunity for us to provide relevant and exciting content in real time, which will provide opportunity to pass along specials and offers we receive from partner companies in a timely fashion.  With a growing list of partner advertisers, such as: ButterCloth, Buckle, Oakley, Palace Resorts, and Gourmesso, we have grown to over 200 potential agreements.   

We have recently begun the journey of creating our social media presence on various social media platforms and will continue to grow and expand to new social media platforms over the coming months.  This will help us keep in touch with our followers through their preferred social media sources.  It will further help us to grow our followers and assist with directing them to our most relevant content that interests them.

WHY TH Affiliates

When we began this journey over a year ago, it quickly became clear, that a lot of the content available is monetized without any thought for the targeted audiences.  There was a lot of dishonest content available.  What started off as a dream of just having one site, and targeting just one audience, has grown into a dream of sharing honest content with a wide selection of audiences in different markets and with different interests. 

Along the journey of the past year, there has been a lot of opportunity to learn about our audience, and the things they share.  One shared maxim of all people is the dream to have opportunity and to succeed.  By providing honest content, we believe that we can help everyone find that maximum.  We further believe that by providing our followers with content that interests them, we will continue to develop long term relationships with all of them.

All the best,

The TH Affiliate Team